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Rephouse is a leading manufacturer of rubber flooring systems. With its state of the art production technology, ISO 9001:2015 certification and more than 30 years of hands on experience in both production and installation all over the world, Rephouse can ensure a premium quality rubber flooring product tailor made for almost any kind of application. - Visit our reference gallery and browse our worldwide rubber flooring installations.


Rephouse is also ISO 14001:2015 Certified. ISO 14001 represents the core set of standards used by International organizations for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system (EMS). Rephouse complies with legal and other committed requirements to prevent pollution and strive for continual environmental improvement. Rephouse also uses it to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. The implemented EMS assures our management, employees as well as stakeholders that our environmental impact is being measured and improved all the time.


Our commercial rubber flooring is durable enough to withstand the heavy use of high traffic areas such as entrances, walkways and retail stores, and offers at the same time flexibility and permanent resiliency to ensure a comfortable floor for offices and public areas.


Rephouse sports flooring is fitting for both recreational and professional sports applications with multipurpose indoor and outdoor sports flooring systems, as well as specialized court surfaces and IAAF certified athletic running tracks.


Rephouse playground flooring is designed to reduce the risk of injury providing safe private and public play areas. Our modular rubber safety tile flooring is another great alternative to hard surfaces and is available in both tile- and paver patterns. Rephouse equine flooring includes virtually indestructible pavers as well as a seamless surface for horse stalls.


Our rubber products also include an acoustical underlay for hardwood flooring providing sound absorptions as well as excellent thermal insulation properties. The latest innovative addition to our product range is the ballistics program, which includes ballistic rubber products ideal for indoor shooting ranges.


All of Rephouse's high quality rubber flooring products create no harm upon ecosystems, and are fully recyclable.


Rephouse also manufactures ballistic rubber tiles, blocks and flooring that are tested for anti-ricochet and penetration properties to a complete spectrum of the most common small arms calibers and ammunition used by the Military, Enforcement and Civilians.


Visit our products section to find the right flooring product for your needs or contact a sales office near you today for more information. For updated on our accomplishments, please feel free to click on this link:

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