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Rephouse collects tire and other rubber waste and recycles it to combine with new synthetic rubbers and polyurethanes and make new viable rubber flooring products. Millions of square meters of recycled rubber flooring product has been produced to date. All rubber flooring products supplied are fully recyclable themselves.

All of our rubber flooring systems contain a high percentage [up to 100%] of recycled rubber.

Rubber chips and coatings supplied in a variety of sizes and colors, allow for a wide variety of patterns and textures to expand the designers' choice to express unsurpassed creativity.

Our floors are designed to last as long as the life of the desired application and one of the most cost effective to purchase when calculated over a life cycle.

Main Benefits of Rephouse Recycled Rubber Flooring
* naturally slip resistant, even when wet. Therefore, SAFE to use.
* sound absorbent, due to the use of flexible compounds
* flexible and crack free
* resiliency - soft to the touch and feel and comfortable to walk on
* custom color choices - try our online Think Color™ Tool
* very economical over its life cycle

Official Take Back Policy

As part of Rephouse's commitment to the environment, a take back policy if offered to our clients after purchase and use of some of our flooring products:

Should client wish to return Neoflex™, Isodec™ and Playflex™ products sold direct or via our distributors, the must follow the following procedures:

1. submit an application for the return of the product(s).

2. these products should be returned to the Rephouse factory located in Bandar Bukit Beruntung, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia on a DDP basis (refer to Incoterms 2010).

3. product must be clean, dry and free of contaminant and to a size to be no larger than 1m x 1m in size, packed and covered on pallets. A sample of each type of products to be provided to Rephouse.

4. submit to Rephouse in writing an initial request to return the goods and seek approval prior to return.

5. with such a request, submit the original purchase order, original shipping documents, quantity of product to be returned with an estimated time of arrival.

6. Upon acceptance and approval of the application, Rephouse will contract with the applicant, all terms and conditions to be defined so that the return may be effected.

7. contact Rephouse at